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Main Bazar Jodi Chart

Main Bazar Jodi Chart is entirely dependent on selecting a number in SATTA MATKA JODI CHART and then players invest money on it. In the Main Bazar Jodi Chart , the player first has to select or guess the number and spend money on the number according to his Guessing status. If the number comes according to his Matka tricks, he wins the game. He gets his money back and also the money of all those peoples who invest their money in the game. The winner becomes rich in a very short time. But as the number comes wrong against his ideas, he lost everything. He loses his money and other people get his all money. Looser becomes poor in a very short time.

Today's Matka Result

Main Bazar
167 45 168
66 32 16 63 45
73 91 27 36 04
71 26 04 31 49
99 05 60 69 77
57 96 38
18 74 68 61
84 03 24 74 06
39 27 24 18 62
90 20 82 53 59 46 10 63 78 90
08 60 24 40
71 71 40 71 44 81
22 25 95 41 45

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